California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) is a state requirement for inventory and survey of various resources found within a geographic location during compliance activities

Resources that may be included in this survey  and monitoring procedure may include archaeological features, historic sites, native California plants, ethnobotany, ethnohistory, viewshed, roads and trails, naturally occurring elements, endangered species, active insect, animal, amphibious populations and other resources.

Site surveys of many sacred caves and rock shelters around the region

Miner's Lettuce in Po-ko-no village
Lentinus ponderosus mushroom in Kumaini village
Remedies and homepathic cures manufactured from the environment surrounding family village areas where native plant gathering and tending occur are protected through documentation of these areas.
Establishing and rehabilitating the series of roundhouses throughout the region. Wassama Roundhouse State Park, Ahwanee Roundhouse in Yosemite, Wah-ho-gah Roundhouse are some of the ceremonial villages open to the public. There were many such structures throughout the travel ways of the region.